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Environmentally Friendly Heat

Firewood burning fireplaces, firepits and stovs are ecologically friendly because they respect Nature's carbon cycle.

This is how this works:

As you can see the picture above illustrates that sustainably sourced wood fuel has a relatively low effect on CO2 level in the atmosphere. This is because for every tree that is burnt another takes it's place and by simply growing absorbs the CO2 that was released by burning the first tree - simple.
Trees use photosynthesis to capture the sun's energy.
Trees also absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and use the solar energy captured to convert carbon dioxide and water into organic compounds such as cellulose to grow the tree. Oxygen is released to the atmosphere as a by-product of photosynthesis.
Throughout our history mankind has used the stored solar energy in wood for heating, cooking and light.
It is probably the historic use of fire to ward off the cold - and predators - that gives us all an ingrained feeling of comfort when we are close to a wood fire.
There are two types of energy: renewable and non-renewable. Renewable energy: sun, wind, water, firewood, etc. Non-renewable energy: coal, crude oil and natural gas, etc.
It is only in comparatively recent times that man has started using other forms of stored energy called fossil fuels, ie. coal, gas and oil, to replace the use of wood.
As we now know, the release of carbon dioxide from burning these previously inaccessible forms of hydrocarbons is changing the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, which is thought to be causing an accelerated rate of change in the earth's climate.

Wood is simply the most abundant, biodegradable and reusable material on the planet.
Firewood is not often recognised as "green" energy, probably because it comes from trees. But, unlike other sources of "green" energy, firewood does not need major capital investment or infrastructure.
It is worth noting that even "green" alternative energy generators such as wind farms, hydro stations and solar collectors create a lot of carbon pollution during manufacture and construction.

So, if you love a wood fire, whether for warmth, flavoursome food, or its' mood changing ambience, relax - because you are also doing the best you can for the environment.

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