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Welcome to the Sunny Wood!Welcome to the Sunny Wood!Welcome to the Sunny Wood!Welcome to the Sunny Wood!

        The Sunny Wood line of firewood products is 100% natural and ecological european hardwood, it contains no chemicals, additives or fillers.
We offer: Kiln Dried Firewood, packed in crates and bags, Swedish Fire Torches, packed in crates, Wood Chips and other products.
Our wood is sourced from trees that have either fallen naturally, been felled responsibly or are part of professional harvesting program with a replanting protocol.
        Firewood are  ideal for wood burning stoves, open fires, chimineas, tandoors, fire pits and log burning central heating systems. Our firewood are kiln dried to help prevent the spread of invasive/non-native insects like pine bark beetles. Kiln Dry firewood has a guaranteed moisture content of below 20%. It is split and then dried using Drying Chambers.
Unlike most other fuels, wood truly is, a Carbon Neutral fuel, in that the carbon released when burned is offset by the tree's natural lifecycle. Additionally, wood under fire has the most impressive flame picture of all, is clean to handle and easy to store, leaves very little ash and does not corrode your stove and flue like gas or coal. Wood is better in environmental terms as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is approximately the same as that absorbed by a tree during growth. It is also a renewable resource.
      Sunny Wood Charcoal is 100% all natural Hardwood Charcoal from Europe - Oak, Hornbeam.
It is a high temperature quality charcoal that delivers perfect results.  This coupled with extra high fixed carbon translates to long burn time.  
No wood waste, chemicals or fillers are added - just authentic, safe, natural wood only from real forests for the best barbecue flavor.

      Please enjoy our products safely.

Great gifts From the forest

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"Sunny Wood. Great gifts from the forest."
Only natural fuels for your Stoves, Chiminea, Firepit, Pizza Ovens, BBQ & Smokers. We provide perfect eco fire lighters to get your fires burning. We moisture test and control all our firewoods to ensure the best burning results.
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